Fahrzeug­einlagerung München

Opening Supercar Garage

The Supercar Repair Shop in Munich

On 01 September 2022 it was now so far, the Supercar Garage has opened your workshop doors in Munich. The specialized independent Supercar garage for the brands Bugatti, McLaren, Ferrari and Lamborghini offers full service and repair work. Thanks to a highly experienced team of absolute specialists, Supercar Storage customers can now rely on superlative Supercar service in addition to storage.



Supercar Storage GmbH in Munich has had several spacious properties in and around Munich since 2013. Developed in accordance with the necessary requirements, the highest safety standards and our own demands, vehicle collections and individual vehicles from Germany and abroad are stored there.

With the planned new building in Munich, Supercar Storage GmbH, together with Supercar Garage GmbH and Supercar Boutique GmbH, is expected to move into its new joint premises under the umbrella company of Supercar Group GmbH at the end of 2024.

Impressive and discreet premises are being created directly on the A9/99 highway between the city of Munich and Munich Airport.

Made for automobile enthusiasts and car collectors from all over the world who place the highest value on security and discretion with 24/7 access including professional support.

The geographically unique location to the city of Munich, Munich Airport, a direct connection to the S-Bahn and U-Bahn lines and much more enable the shortest distances for our national and international customers.

Absolute trust, the highest level of expertise and an unrestricted focus on our core business, the storage of the world’s most exclusive and rare automobiles, are our trademark and passion.

Vehicle storage

Vehicle deposits of the most exclusive supercar and hypercar collections from the national and international space since 2013.


Non-public and non-viewable premises guarantee maximum discretion. 24 hours surveillance according to VdS certification and local police guarantee maximum security.


The highest level of technical expertise from nearly 20 years of Supercar and Hypercar experience guarantees professional service.